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Mobile website, a start to a newgen
browsing experience .

Today Internet is being increasingly accessed via Mobile Phones and as a result Websites are getting a fair amount of traffic via Mobile Phone Browsers. and tomorrow it would be a device which is a mix of phone and laptop morlike an ipad as a start .
We Design Mobile Websites which are meant for mobile phones and smartphone browsers. These Mobile Web Designs are Easy to Browse, Quick to Download, Very Legible and Custom Made for a Mobile Phone screen!





Mobile Web Design Process

Assuming the need to design a Mobile website for business has been established. You must be wondering what are the next steps. To design a Mobile version for your website we can assist you in the following

Key Information Identification
* Target Audience Mapping
* Information Prioritization

Information Architecting
* Click through Simulation
* Text optimization

Design Process
* Template design

Technical Process
* Database Development/ Integration
* Integrating with your existing Content    Management System

* M-browser run-time Test using simulation     software
* Download Speeds Testing

Final Launch
* Server Hosting
* PC Vs Mobile Browser Identification
   Plug-in onto Website

Once we have helped you work through the above
Your Mobile Website is ready to be accessed on any Mobile device
such as an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android OS, Windows Mobile or a Symbian OS.


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