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About DigitalStroke
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We are intensely passionate about art and design’s
ability to enrich the lives of our clients and their customers.

In 2007, the founder of DigitalStroke made the commitment to break from the constraints of traditional design services and give the marketplace a next-generation creative agency. The belief was that the digital age was providing us tools to develop captivating pieces of art for any medium. Art that could be turned into marketing solutions for any organization, large or small. We believed that new technology could be used to enhance graphic design and reduce costs and time to market. This vision has only become clearer over the years as we continue to push the envelope and exceed our client’s expectations.

DigitalStroke has built a creative team with a passion for originality and a keen ability to apply their imagination to meet the needs of our clients. Though sometimes painful, we enjoy riding the bleeding edge of technology and exploring how new tools can benefit that “next” project. Reaching the modern consumer, with its short attention span, requires a creative agency who not only recognizes innovation, but knows how to leverage those trends and make them stand out amongst the ordinary.

We are constantly looking forward, on our client’s behalf, to deliver scalable solutions that can quickly adapt to the changing landscape of your market. With the firm belief that your success is absolutely critical to our own, we are planning for the results you need right at the onset of each project engagement. We want all of our clients, regardless of size, to consider us as long-term partners with their best interest at heart. We welcome new clients with open arms and enjoy learning about what drives them and where they want to go....


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